What Should I do if I Need to Delay My Order?

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If you find yourself needing to delay the delivery of your order, we offer flexible options to accommodate your circumstances. Here’s how you can manage delays and what policies apply:

Delaying Your King Living Order

  1. Free Storage for Two Weeks: We can hold your delivery at no additional charge for up to two weeks, allowing you some flexibility without incurring extra costs.
  2. Storage Fees Beyond Two Weeks: If you need more time beyond the initial two weeks, we can extend the storage of your items for additional fees. This extension is available for up to four weeks from the estimated delivery date.
  3. Contract Cancellation: Should you be unable to accept delivery within four weeks after the estimated delivery date, King Living reserves the right to cancel the contract. This would be considered a cancellation of the original order due to non-acceptance of delivery.
  4. Alternative Delivery Options: We can arrange delivery to an alternative metropolitan address if needed. For those who have selected Deluxe Delivery, we offer the flexibility to assemble your furniture at a later date, up to six months from the initial delivery date.

How to Request a Delay or Reschedule

To reschedule your delivery, please visit our King Living Customer Portal at https://portal.kingliving.com.au/guest. This allows you to choose a new delivery date that better suits your schedule.

If you need to push back your delivery date further, please fill out our online request form here to let us know your new preferred timing.


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