Exclusions to King Living Warranty periods

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The King Living warranty excludes certain factors and scenarios from coverage.

These specific exclusions are:

  1. Components and products used for commercial purposes: Unless specifically mentioned, the warranties for most products don't apply when they are used for commercial purposes.
  2. Electrical and motion components: For certain products, electrical and motion components are specifically excluded from the warranty.
  3. Surface corrosion of steel furniture and parts, including stainless steel, that results from direct use in harsh seafront locations or in a confined, chlorinated environment.
  4. Minor corrosion spots at the weld joins, surface corrosion originating from scratches or abrasions resulting from general wear and tear that cannot be removed via standard cleaning and maintenance processes, any occurrence of any detritus, organic or man-made matter settling on the product surface, and tea staining on stainless steel product surface are all excluded from the warranty.
  5. Lightbulbs are not included in or covered by this Warranty. King Living may, at its discretion, provide lightbulbs together with a product, but they are not warranted.
  6. For the 3 Year Extended Warranty on electronics and motion components of all King Living branded products, the specific conditions specified at the time of purchase apply. This is only available on the purchase of a 3 Year Extended Warranty at the time of purchase of these products.

This is a general summary of exclusions. Please refer to our Warranties page here for specific Warranty information or contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 135 464. Regular wear and tear, misuse, or accidental damage are not covered by King Living product warranties.

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