Warranty Periods for King Living products

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Here’s a quick guide to the warranty periods for King Living products, now including details on leather and fabric coverage.

Indoor Furniture

    • Steel or Alloy Frames: 25 years
    • Non-Electrical Sofa Accessories: 2 years
    • Electrical Accessories: 1 year
    • Other Components (Foam, Springs, Mechanisms): 15 years (pro rata)
    • Leather and Fabric Components: 5 years (pro rata)

Outdoor Furniture

    • Steel or Alloy Frames: 5 years
    • Coating and Surface Treatments: 5 years
    • Outdoor Components & Accessories: 2 years
    • Special Fabrics and King Rope: 5 years
    • Outdoor collection fabrics, Deluxe Shade for King Cabana, electrical/motion parts, other product parts/fabrics: 5 years 
    • Standard Shade for King Cabana, solution-dyed polyester fabric: 1 year 

Electronics & Mechanical Components

    • Standard Electronics and Motion Components: 2 years
    • Extended Warranty Option: 5-year total warranty (with 3 Year Extended Warranty purchase)

Umbrella Components

    • Canopy Fabric (Whitehaven + Hyams): 5 years
    • Frame on Umbrella (Whitehaven + Hyams): 2 years

Leisure Products

    • Pool Float (Fabric Cover, Inner Core, Electric Pump): 1 year

Other Products

    • Sleep+ Products: 15-year warranty with a Pro Rata Schedule (Fit Cover excluded)
    • Fit Cover: 2-year warranty
    • Case Goods & Furnishings: 2-year warranty
    • King Lighting: 1-year warranty
    • Rugs by King: 1-year warranty

Commercial Products 

    • Steel or Alloy Frames: 10-year warranty (for commercial use)
    • Other Components: 1-year warranty (for commercial use)

Note: The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects and does not apply to normal wear and tear or misuse. Each warranty is specific to a product or a component of a product.

Extended Warranty

We also offer a Three (3) Year Extended Warranty for electronics and motion components. The standard 2-year warranty can be extended for eligible customers for an additional 3 years, making a total of 5 years. This extension is available at an additional charge per module.

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