How will King Living honour my Warranty Claim?

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What happens when my warranty claim is validated by King Living? 

Once King Living's Customer Service determines your warranty claim is valid, the item we replace becomes yours, and the original item you had becomes King Living's property.

What options does King Living offer to resolve a valid warranty claim? 

King Living can resolve your claim in several ways, depending on the specific situation:

  • Replacement: We may replace the defective product or part with a new one or an equivalent item. The replacement then becomes your property, while the original becomes King Living's.
  • Repair: We might choose to repair the defective product or component.
  • Cost of Replacement: In some cases, we could cover the cost of replacing the product with an equivalent one. Here, the defective product must be returned to us and will become our property.
  • Cost of Repair: Alternatively, we may pay for the repair of the defective product or component.

Are there any specific options for electronics and motion components under warranty? 

Yes, for warranty claims involving recliner electronics and motion components, King Living offers the same resolution options (replacement, repair, cost of replacement, or cost of repair). Any replaced components become your property, and the defective ones need to be returned to King Living.

Will the replacement parts match my original product? 

Replacement components may vary in color and texture compared to the original ones. However, these variations are not considered defects.

Is the warranty limited to certain parts of the product? 

Yes, any repair or replacement service provided under the warranty is limited to the defective component only.

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