Understanding the Exclusions of the Sleep+ 30 Day Mattress Warranty

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Your 30-Day Warranty Coverage

The 30-Day Mattress Warranty is designed to provide peace of mind to the original purchaser, ensuring your new mattress meets your expectations of quality and comfort. However, it's crucial to understand what this warranty does and does not cover. Please note, this warranty is valid only for mattresses delivered within Australia and kept in Australia throughout the warranty period. The benefits of this warranty cannot be transferred or assigned to another person.

What's Not Covered?

  1. The warranty does not apply if the mattress is purchased for commercial purposes. It is intended solely for personal, household, or domestic use.
  2. If the mattress is delivered outside of Australia, whether by King, another party, or the original purchaser, the warranty will not apply.
  3. Mattresses not purchased directly from King are excluded from this warranty coverage.
  4. Any modifications or changes made to the mattress without King's approval void the warranty.
  5. Removal, alteration, or defacement of mattress product tags voids the warranty.
  6. Components of the mattress not purchased directly from King, or those modified or altered without approval, are not covered. This also applies to components with altered or defaced product tags.

Understanding these exclusions will help ensure that your mattress purchase remains protected under our 30-Day Warranty. For any further questions or clarification, please contact our customer service team or visit our Warranty Page here 


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