Understanding King Living Warranty Exclusions

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Here's a breakdown of what our warranty doesn't cover, to help you understand how to keep your purchase protected:

What's Not Covered

  • Items specifically listed as not covered for your particular product or component are excluded.
  • If you buy a product for business use instead of using it in your home.
  • Products delivered or taken outside Australia.
  • Products not bought directly from King or if their product tags have been altered or removed, or if the product has been modified without King’s approval.
  • Fabrics or materials provided by you or obtained from external suppliers, which carry their own separate warranties.
  • Normal wear and tear that occurs with regular use, such as creasing, softening and the natural ageing of materials such as fabrics, leathers, and cushioning.
  • Changes in product appearance due to local conditions, like colour variations from sunlight.
  • Damage from using non-original manufacturer parts or materials, unless approved by the manufacturer.
  • If you try to fix the product yourself or use parts not approved by King Living.
  • Costs related to claims that don't qualify under the warranty, like shipping, call-out fees, and labour. Only costs pre-approved by us in writing will be covered.
  • Items that are misused, not maintained according to our guidelines, used commercially, or damaged during transit. We advise against attempting repairs yourself, as this can cause further damage not covered by the warranty.

When the Warranty Applies

  1. The warranty is for the original buyer who had the product delivered to an address in Australia and kept it in Australia.
  2. You can't pass the warranty benefits to someone else. If the product is sold, the new owner gets it 'as is' without warranty protection.

Remember, always follow the care instructions provided by King Living and don’t attempt any repairs yourself to ensure your product remains eligible for warranty coverage.

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