King Living Warranty - A Guide for Customers

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As a King Living customer, it's important to know your warranty coverage. This guide simplifies the terms and warranty periods for King Living products. The Warranty protects against manufacturing defects for certain time periods on various products and components. 

Warranty Periods and Specific Inclusions 

Indoor Products  - (Manufactured after 1 January 2015)

  • Steel or alloy frames: 25 years
  • Sofa accessories: 2 years
  • Electrical accessories: 1 year (12 months)
  • Other components (e.g., foam, suspension, mechanisms): 15 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule
  • King Leather and King Fabric components: 5 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule

Outdoor Products -  (Manufactured after 1 January 2012)

  • Steel or alloy frames: 10 years
  • Coating and surface: 5 years
  • Components (e.g., King Fabrics, foam, suspension, mechanisms): 2 years
  • Accessories and Weather guard covers: 2 years
  • King Rope: 5 years

Electronics and motion components: 2 years

Other Products

  • Sleep+ products (excluding Fit Cover): 15 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule
  • Fit cover: 2 years
  • Case goods, bedroom, dining room, living room, and furnishing products: 2 years
  • King Living lighting products: 1 year
  • Rugs by King Living: 2 years

Commercial Products (Manufactured after 1 April 2015)

  • Steel or alloy frames: 10 years
  • Other components (excluding electrical components): 1 year (12 months)

Three (3) Year Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions: The 2-year electronics and motion component warranty can be extended for eligible customers for an additional 3 years (totalling 5 years) at an additional charge per module. 

For complete information about Warranty please visit our page here 

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