Understanding the King Living Warranty - A Guide for Customers

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As a King Living customer, it's essential to understand the warranty provided for your purchases. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the King Living Warranty terms and conditions so you can make informed decisions about your investments. The warranty covers various King Living products and components against manufacturing defects for specified periods.

Warranty Periods and Specific Exclusions

  1. Indoor Products 
    • Steel or alloy frames: 25 years
    • Sofa accessories: 2 years
    • Electrical accessories: 1 year (12 months)
    • Other components (e.g., foam, suspension, mechanisms): 15 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule
    • King Leather and King Fabric components: 5 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule
  2. Outdoor Products 
    • Steel or alloy frames: 10 years
    • Coating and surface: 5 years
    • Components (e.g., King Fabrics, foam, suspension, mechanisms): 2 years
    • Accessories and Weather guard covers: 2 years
    • King Rope: 5 years
  3. Electronics and motion components: 2 years
  4. Other Products
    • Sleep+ products (excluding Fit Cover): 15 years according to the Pro Rata Schedule
    • Fit cover: 2 years
    • Case goods, bedroom, dining room, living room, and furnishing products: 2 years
    • King Living lighting products: 1 year
    • Rugs by King Living: 2 years
  5. Commercial Products 
    • Steel or alloy frames: 10 years
    • Other components (excluding electrical components): 1 year (12 months)
  6. Three (3) Year Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions: The 2-year electronics and motion component warranty can be extended for eligible customers for an additional 3 years (totalling 5 years) at an additional charge per module. 

Pro Rata Schedule 

The Pro Rata Schedule details the percentage of retail replacement cost the purchaser will be responsible for during the warranty period. For example, if a $100 part needs to be replaced during year 3, the purchaser would be responsible for $25 (25% of the cost). Service calls and transport costs are charged to the purchaser at standard King rates.

Exclusions and Limitations

Specific exclusions apply to each warranty, as mentioned in the warranty table here. Generally, components and products used for commercial purposes are excluded from the warranty, along with electrical accessories and motion components in certain cases. For more details on exclusions, refer to the warranty table.

The King Living Warranty offers customers peace of mind by providing coverage for various products and components. Understanding the warranty periods, specific exclusions, and conditions will ensure you make the most out of your King Living purchases.

Speak with one of our Customer Service Consultants to confirm your eligibility for extended warranties and address any other questions or concerns you may have.

For Disclaimer and Limitations on Disclaimer please visit our Warranty page here 

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