How does TouchGlide Technology work?

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What is TouchGlide® Technology?

TouchGlide® is an innovative technology designed to enhance the functionality of the King Cloud V and Nimbus V sofas, allowing you to effortlessly achieve your optimal comfort level.

How Does TouchGlide® Technology Work?

Effortless Adjustments

With just a light touch of a button, you can easily adjust the angles of the back, headrests, and footrests. This technology enables you to smoothly recline and modify the positions of the head, seat, and footrests, ensuring maximum comfort.

Easy Controls

The buttons are subtly located, making them easy to use without being obtrusive. Lightly pressing these buttons adjusts the angles to your desired position, providing a seamless experience.

Quick Reset

A quick swipe across the buttons on the right-hand side of the sofa restores it to its original position. This feature is perfect for resetting the sofa after use.

Personalised Comfort

You can save your favourite settings tailored to your personal comfort preferences. This ensures a customised lounging experience every time you use the sofa.

TouchGlide® Technology makes it simple and intuitive to find and maintain the perfect seating position, enhancing your overall comfort and relaxation.

Watch TouchGlide Technology in action. 



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