The Do's and Dont's of taking care of marble

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Marble, a natural stone product, is inherently porous. At King Living, we take care to provide quality marble products, but it's important to note that marble can be sensitive to acidic substances. Common items such as coffee, citrus fruits, wine, alcohol, and juice have the potential to cause etching on the marble surface. 

This etching is different from staining, which occurs when a liquid penetrates the marble and leads to discolouration within the stone. To maintain the beauty and integrity of your marble, it's advisable to take precautionary measures against such exposures.

Here are some guidelines to maintain your marble:


  • Routinely clean the surface with a lukewarm, damp cloth, and then pat it dry.
  • Use coasters and boards as much as possible to avoid direct contact of food and drinks with the marble.
  • Absorb any spills immediately with a clean, damp cloth to prevent seeping into the surface. If needed, use a diluted mild soap solution to clean, then wipe it dry.


  • Do not use harsh cleaners. A mild detergent or soap-free cleaner is preferable. 
  • Refrain from placing hot items directly on the stone surface. Use boards, trivets, or place mats instead.
  • Do not use a scourer as they are abrasive and can scratch the stone's surface and damage the marble finish.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner for dust and dirt removal from marble, as the vacuum cleaner hose's edge can scratch the delicate marble surface.

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