How do I care for timber veneer?

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Looking after timber is equally crucial as taking care of fabrics and leathers. Being a natural substance, timber veneer might exhibit grain variations that contribute to its unique charm and personality. The distinct appearance of each piece is due to the fact that no two trees are precisely alike.

Timber maintenance tips:

At King Living, we suggest positioning your timber veneer furniture away from extreme heat and/or moisture, which could lead to cracking or warping of the veneer as it expands and contracts with temperature changes.

To maintain the impeccable state of your timber veneer furniture, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light, which could lead to discolouration or degradation of the surface.

It's also important to place protective padding between the timber veneer and any objects placed on it. For heavy, hot, or abrasive items that could potentially cause significant damage to the wooden surface, thicker padding is advised.

Scratch prevention:

To minimize the possibility of scratching the timber veneer, avoid dragging items across the surface. It's also advisable not to write directly on timber veneer surfaces as pen or pencil marks may become visible.

Dealing with spills:

If any spills occur, clean them up promptly. Avoid allowing substances like nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, or strong corrosive solvents to come into contact with the timber veneer. Furthermore, chemicals, detergents, or any products containing silicon should not be used to clean timber veneer.

Regular, gentle dusting with a clean, soft microfibre cloth can help preserve your timber veneer's condition. Click here to purchase a microfibre cleaning cloth.

For more comprehensive guidance on maintaining your King Living products, we invite you to visit our 'Product Care Advice' page by clicking here.

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