Care Tips for your King Living Leather Sofa

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Here's how to best look after your leather furniture

Regular Dusting

Routinely wipe down your leather sofa with a soft, dry cloth or use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush attachment to remove accumulated dust and dirt. This will help prevent potential damage over time.

Cleanup Spills Promptly

If any liquid spills on your leather sofa, quickly blot it using a clean, dry cloth. Refrain from allowing liquids to sit on the leather surface as they can seep into the leather, potentially causing watermarks or damaging the material.

Use a Leather Cleaner

Periodically clean your leather sofa with our specially formulated Leather Care Kit. Follow the included care instructions detailing how and when to apply the leather cleaner. Avoid using abrasive chemicals or household cleaning products, as they can harm the leather.

Condition the Leather

Keeping your leather sofa conditioned helps maintain its softness and flexibility. Refresh and revitalise your leather sofa by applying the King Living leather conditioner every 6-12 months, particularly on the arm and headrest areas. This will prevent the leather from drying, cracking, or discolouring.

Limit Exposure to Sunlight

Continuous exposure to direct sunlight can cause the leather to fade or discolour. Position your sofa away from windows or utilise window treatments like blinds or curtains to reduce sunlight exposure.

Maintain Consistent Temperature and Humidity

Leather is sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Keep your sofa in a climate-controlled room and avoid placing it near heat sources like radiators or air vents, which can cause the leather to dry out.

Keep Sharp Objects and Pets at Bay

Avoid potential scratches by keeping sharp objects like keys or pens away from your leather sofa. Try to discourage pets from climbing onto the furniture as their claws can damage the leather surface.

Rotate Cushions and Seating

Rotate and rearrange detachable cushions periodically to ensure even wear. 

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can keep your leather sofa looking its best and enjoy its comfort for years to come.

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