How do I care for my King Living fabric?

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Maintain the fresh look of your sofa through routine fabric upkeep.

We advise the following care instructions to ensure the longevity and appealing aesthetics of your fabrics:

1. Regular Fabric Cleaning

Implement a weekly vacuum routine, using low suction and a soft brush attachment, to rid the fabric of dust and damaging dirt particles, thereby prolonging your fabric and furniture's lifespan.

2. Fade Management

Position your King Living fabric away from direct and indirect sunlight to maintain its lavish appearance for an extended period. Sunlight not only induces fading but can also weaken fibres, which could eventually result in holes.

3. Managing Pilling

Normal daily use may result in pilling. Regular vacuuming can help minimise this, but a Fabric Pill Remover can effectively eliminate pilling without affecting the fabric's ongoing quality.

3. Heater Proximity

Keep your furniture away from heaters, as the sulphur compounds they produce can affect fabric quality. When combined with humidity and oxygen, these fumes can be absorbed by the fabric, leading to odour, discolouration, and fibre degradation.

4. Steam Cleaning and Spot Cleaning

Improper steam cleaning and spot cleaning may result in watermarks and cause cellulosic browning.

5. Pet Interaction

Limit your pets' contact with furniture as their natural oils and dirt can cause discolouration.

General Precautions

  • Be wary of sharp or abrasive items like shoes, belt buckles, and zippers as they can pull fibres, potentially leading to holes.
  • Be aware that dye transfer from clothes can occur, and ink stains should be addressed promptly to prevent permanency. An ink-away product might help in removing such marks.
  • Avoid sitting on furniture with wet swimsuits or towels as they can leave watermarks, bleach the fabric, encourage mould growth, and cause dye transfer.
  • Do not use alcohol, chemicals, or detergents as they may amplify damage and discolouration. 

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