How do I minimise pilling on my sofa?

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To keep your sofa free from pilling, consider these suggestions:

  1. In the event of pilling, use a fabric shaver or a de-piller to gently eliminate the pills without causing harm to the fabric.
  2. Select a fabric that is less susceptible to pilling, like a high-quality, tightly-woven natural fibre or a fabric engineered specifically to resist pilling.
  3. Regularly vacuum your sofa to eliminate dust and dirt that can increase friction and lead to pilling.
  4. Use armrest covers or throws to shield areas of your sofa that encounter high friction.
  5. Adhere to the King Living care instructions guide for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your sofa.

By diligently caring for your sofa and opting for the right fabric, you can minimise the chances of pilling and preserve the plush look of your King Living furniture.

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