How can I remove pilling from my sofa? 

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Here are some methods to remove pilling from your sofa

Fabric shaver or pill remover: These are popular and effective tools for handling pilling on your sofa. They safely remove pills without compromising fabric quality, thanks to a rotating blade that gently trims off pills. To use, switch on the device and delicately slide it across the affected area, applying minimal pressure to prevent fabric damage.

Lint roller or adhesive tape: For minor pilling or loose fibres, a lint roller or adhesive tape can be used. Press the lint roller or tape's sticky side against the affected area and lift it away, carrying the pills with it. This method may not be as effective for significant pilling but can assist with minor issues.

Fabric comb: Designed specifically for pilling removal, a fabric comb can be gently brushed over the affected area in one direction, capturing pills within the comb's teeth.

Regular vacuuming and cleaning: Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help prevent pilling over time by removing dirt, grime, and loose fibres.

Always remember to test your chosen method on an inconspicuous area of your sofa first to avoid any accidental damage. Also, it's critical to adhere to your sofa's care instructions, as some fabrics may demand special care or be more delicate than others.

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