Recover and Refurbishment FAQs

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  1. Is it possible to reupholster my outdoor sofa with indoor sofa fabric? Unfortunately, we do not offer this service due to the distinct patterns required for indoor and outdoor fabrics.
  2. Can I reupholster furniture that I bought from other brands? We exclusively offer reupholstering services for King Living products only.
  3. Is it possible to buy fabric from King Living? We do not retail fabrics individually.
  4. Can I reupholster my furniture with a fabric that King Living doesn't carry? Yes, you can, but the fabric must be selected from our Out of House Fabric range, which has been pre-approved and tested for compatibility with KING furniture.
  5. Can I reupholster my leather sofa with fabric? Absolutely. You can choose any fabric or leather from our range to reupholster your sofa.

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  1. Do I need to reupholster my entire sofa? No, you have the freedom to reupholster anything from a single cushion to an entire sofa.
  2. Is it possible for me to install my own covers? Yes, you can fit your own covers. Our fabric and leather covers are attached using Velcro, making them easy to remove. However, we advise against self-installation for certain models such as the King Cloud or Strata. If you're interested in installing covers yourself, our team can guide you on whether it's suitable for your specific model.
  3. Can all furniture designs be refurbished in my home? Most of our furniture can be reupholstered at your home. However, certain models may need to be taken to our NSW Factory. We will inform you if this is necessary when providing a quote.

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